Ordination Requirements

keys1. Have a four-year college degree and a three-year degree from a seminary
approved by the Presbytery including appropriate courses in Greek and Hebrew.
An M.Div. degree is required or its equivalent.

2. Serve under the care of the Presbytery for at least one year unless transferring in
from another denomination or agency.

3. Completion of exegetical paper using one of the original languages on
a passage assigned by the Presbytery.

4. Have a call from a church or agency and terms of call approved by the Presbytery.

5. Attend a Discovery Workshop

6. Complete oral examination with the Candidate Care Committee.

7. Complete written ordination examination successfully.

8. Provide a job description.

9. Provide a written statement of any exceptions to the Westminster Confession of
Faith and Catechisms.

10. Appear before Presbytery and preach a sermon and answer four questions
provided plus any questions asked from the floor.

11. If the call is from an EPC church, submit the names of a commission to
represent Presbytery in an ordination ceremony.

Visit the Evangelical Presbyterian Church website for required qualifications.