Discovery Workshops

Discovery Workshops

Discovery Workshops introduce church officers, ministers transferring ordination, and ordinates to the beliefs, expectations, government, and ethos of the EPC. They are required for all non-EPC ordained ministers and candidates seeking ordination in the Presbytery of the West. Ruling Elders and Deacons are strongly encouraged to watch the videos.  They cover the EPC Book of Order and Westminster Standards with emphasis on EPC Essentials and Reformed theology.

The basic requirements of the DW are for reception and ordination are:

  1. Read the Book of Order, Leadership Training Guide, and Westminster Standards.
  2. Watch the Discovery Workshop videos on Reformed Theology, Westminster Standards, and Book of Order in the workshop and with mentor.
  3. Write a five page paper on the distinctives of the Reformed Theology that includes the Solas and Sacraments.
  4. Write a five page paper on the Book of Government highlighting the distinctives of Presbyterian government.
  5. Write exceptions to the Westminster Standards.
  6. Meet with appropriate Presbytery committee for interview. The EPC’Personal Information Form having been previously submitted to these committees.
  7. Prepare to take Presbytery oral exams.

Additional Requirements for All Candidates and those Ministers transferring from Non-Reformed Denominations are:

  1. POW requires ministers to take a Reformed Theology seminary course. If they have not fulfilled this requirement, they can take one for credit or audit at Reformed Theological Seminary on iTunes or one at an accredited seminary, as approved by Care of Candidates Committee and Ministerial Committee.
  2. Prepare to take EPC written and Presbytery oral exams.

Care of Candidates Committee Advisor

Candidates for ordination are also assigned an Advisor by the Care of Candidates Committee.

A TE could be both Advisor and Mentor, or the roles could be separated wherein one TE fulfills one role and someone else the other.

Candidates submit paper work (PIF, Statements of Faith) to the Chair of the Care of Candidates Committee and are assigned an Advisor. The Advisor shepherds the candidate through the ordination process. The role is primarily pastoral: they support growth in Christ and prepare the candidate to be a pastor wherever God calls them. Advisors guide candidates through the steps of the ordination process. The relationship can last one or more years with conversations occurring at least once a month. Advisors report to the Chair of the CoCC.